Welcome Back – 2.0

Not sure if this is 2.0 or like 20.0. I mean, seriously… i lost count on how many times i lost my backup of my blog and restore it back to the default installation. Well, let’s get over it. I mean what’s the point of talking about it when i knew i can’t do anything about it, right?

Also i know the blog looks weird for now. It is because i have some problem with the widgets on the sidebar and basically i can’t do much about it for now because the problem isn’t on my side. The problem is caused by the server hosting script that i am using. So will solve it once there is a solution for it.

I also wanna give out some updates on what i am doing now. Well, as for my studies, my semester just started like few weeks ago and as for the subjects i took this year, not bad. My result for my previous semester also not bad as well, need a little improvements and i will be good to go. As for my personal projects, i just bought a raspberry pi 2 and i am also looking to get myself the PIFace CAD (Control And Display) and play a little bit with it. Just some basic hacking.

No much, that’s all. Till next time, see you guys and have a great day ahead. 🙂

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