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Technologies in use

There are few technologies/company products used to power this WordPress site. Changed few things from previous setup. Few years back, I started with Synthasite or today known as Yola. It’s a free website builder that allow you to drag and drop widgets to create layouts. Later on in my 20’s, I started to play with more technologies and scripts. At that time, I used to host this site on a shared hosting hosted with Exabytes then i moved to ServerFreak because they had a cheap package for students at that time which cost you Rm100/year with free TLD. Sadly that package is no longer available today.

Today, this site is hosted with DigitalOcean with ServerPilot integration to manage and maintain the server. I use CloudFlare for CDN and to cache and enhance the performance, manage DNS and security. For email, i am using MailGun to forward and route all my emails to my custom email address to my GMail account so i don’t have to host another email manager on my server. For the wordpress, the theme is designed on top of Bootstrap, pretty minimal.

That’s it for this post. If i found something interesting, i will post it here soon.