Native? Hybrid?

Well, i am pretty comfortable to work on a native android application because that’s what i already know. So when come to programming android applications, i prefer to go native. Well, surely going native have plenty advantages compare to other sdks that provide hybrid solutions, but the cost and time is the issue right here. For example, i need to completely code the native android application, then move to IOS app programming which is using totally 2 separate language to code and i need to also learn the new IOS programming language which is Swift. This is expensive.

So why don’t just go hybrid? Right, that is what i am thinking but as most of us know, hybrid apps usually have a pretty terrible UI, the Look & Feel are worst on hybrid. So for that solution, i am going with Flutter, a product by Google. It uses the Dart programming language and what awesome is that the app you created for Android will look exactly like native apps.

I am going to hold my current app development and give flutter a try, afterall it will help my carrier as well. Nowadays, everyone wants a hybrid solution.