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Pixel 4A

Finally, after many years, been wanting to own a OnePlus or Google Pixel phone for myself. Only now have the chance of owning one. All started with LG Nexus 4, still will get one today if it’s available brand new for a decent price.

Since then, Google went from Nexus to Pixel and non of the Nexus device after Nexus 4 really suits my taste. Then Google came up with Pixel line and the Google Pixel (Pixel 1) caught my attention and sadly, it was a bit pricy that time. Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 have a sweet spot for a screen size for me but the price tho, and not having the headphone jack is a big let down for me. After some waiting, Google launched Pixel 4A and i couldn’t wait any longer, here is my Google Pixel 4A. 😀


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