Tonight, we going 8.0 baby! LOS 15.1

[UPDATE] – Magisk v16 SafetyNet passed.

[UPDATE] – Magisk v16 installed. Device officially rooted. Magisk hide root – Success.

[UPDATE] – Successfully flashed LOS 15.1 from vache. Flashed GApps, both works fine. Boot into LOS 15.1 (8.1).

[UPDATE] – Flash success after trying for few hours on flashing twrp and reboot into recovery. The next thing i did is flash twrp from twrp itself by booting into it 1st. Then wipe everything, works fine.

3 replies on “LINEAGE OS – Potter”

Haha, learning how to build LOS from source. So i can update the Android Security Patches from lineage source directly and rebuild the flashable zip instead of waiting for the developer to do it. It takes time.

If you do that, how about system updates? You can update security patches, but how about systems and bugs? Anyway bro, very concerned to have latest security patches but not really the kind of person who would want to use applock. Strange hahah.

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