Launched V1.0.0

Finally, after few months working on this project, i launched it yesterday on May 1st. Yea, i know. What a day to launch a project, right? This basically a stream down version of a Sales and inventory system custom made for my sister’s new company. More modules to come but for version one, we set a fixed features and narrow down the scope for core modules to be up so that the site can operate.

Few new technologies in use to build the site, below i wrote down the tech that i used in this project.

  1. Laravel 5.8.13
  2. Vue JS 2.6.10
  3. JWT for token based authentication
  4. Gitlab for versioning
  5. DigitalOcean for VPS
  6. Cloudflare for CDN

Planning to move everything into container with docker
Use kubernetes to manage the cluster

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