Myvi Generation 3

I fixed Myvi 3rd Generation door rattling.

In this video, I’ve shown what possible to rattle inside the door panel. It’s the door clip that perodua uses. It’s so loose inside that can easily rattle againts the plastic door panel when your car vibrates. I brought the car 3 times to the SC regarding this problem. They fixed the back door but the noise still there, what i found out later is that it’s from the front passenger side door.

How to fix it you ask? Easy, bring to perodua SC will never solve your problem, unless the technicians there know what to find for, easy way to fix the problem by getting a prying tools (can get from Mr.DIY) to pry open the door panel, then buy cloth tape (can get from Mr.DIY) and tape on top to cover the hole which the clip will fit.

Once you tape the whole, get a sharpe knife and cut thru the hole, have a line that you cut off, press the part that you cut into the hole and then insert the clip back into the hole. This will create a tight fit and also prevent the rattling noise when both are vibrate againts each other.

I found a cool video create by someone on the cloth tape solution. Link of his channel : SoLottaTech SoLittleTime

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