Chiling Jungle Trekking

It’s was an awesome journey for me personally. I never jungle trekking before in my life and this is my first time jungle trekking.

The place itself is interesting where you will be crossing the same river 6 (if i am not mistaken, either 5 or 6) times will different water level depends on the weather and the water flow. To make the whole journey worth it, there’s a waterfall at the end.

Another interesting part is that they are also protecting a species of fish and you can find these fishes across all the rivers that you’ll be crossing and also at the waterfall spot.

The trail is pretty clear and also signs to show the count of the river that you’re crossing. Just to be safe, get a proper shoe when you decide to junvle trekking because the rocks inside the rivers are very slippery and the water current is fast as well sometimes.

The water level for the first 2 rivers are below knee level. The rest is hip level and the water fall have 2 sections as well with different depth.

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