Happy 2018!

Last year was a great year, finished my degree, did my practical and hired right after my practical. Great company, great colleagues. Learnt a lot from seniors and made few good friends. So much laughter, so much of joy. With a blink of an eye, been a year, completed my degree and resigning from where i began my career.

A new year, a new beginning. Need to better myself, learn more new things and keep exploring. Keep people around me with joy and need vacations more compare to last year, which ended up with only plans.

I didn’t plan to write all these, but somehow, that’s that. Nothing much, no resolution. No plans and no ideas, Start with a blank paper, prepared to fill it as it goes.

Once again, a happy new year. 🙂


Finally, 24 years for this. Never own a car, never own a house but owe government 60k in loan. Pretty impressive! Nevertheless, thanks to god, my parents, family and friends who supported me throughout my journey.

Also never forget those who let me.down, say I can’t do it and those who look me down when i was at my worst. Because of you guys, i did it today and became who i am today.

I know it’s just a degree but trust me, it’s a big achievement for me and my family. Thank you all.