Oh man, i am so regretting my decision to fetch her from seremban to ipoh to continue her studies. If i knew the place was like a dead town and all the essential stores and food shop located so freaking far from where people actually staying, i wouldn’t have promise her mum that we will fetch her there.


I am missing her so badly now, like extremely sad and missing her as well. But who cares, her mum told to me and her if she ever feel like not comfortable and didn’t like to stay there and study, we can always bring her back and guess what, that’s what i am gonna do exactly, bringing her back.


I really hope her dad will go and visit her there and experience how hard to get things done there. Oh ipoh, like pekan but not develop at all. I didn’t see any public buses there at all while i was spending whole day there at ipoh.


No worries my girl, i will bring you back home… bring you back to me. Love you always, Nithrah

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