It been one hell of a journey i would say. Malacca, one of the historical place in Malaysia. I personally enjoyed the food there at Jonker Street. The Taming sari was fun and the boat ride was okay. The water surely need some treatment. All the places was near to each other.

Had a very nice time there with my GF and for those who want to go but will be depending on public transport, i suggest to use Grab Car with the couple code of MYMAP. It will give you RM25 off of your ride. If there’s 2 people will be nice. Walk and eat, just nice. 😛

Aquaria the next day with her again. It’s seems pretty normal for me because i went there once already. It’s was a amazing experience for her as it’s her first time there at Aquaria. Nevertheless, both places worth a visit in my opinion. Take as many photos as you want but don’t forget to live in the moment. Peace out!

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