Well, after so many years… one of my dreams came true. It might sound silly or just stupid for some but for me personally, it’s big.

About 3 to 4 years, I wanted to develop an application for android. It all started when I entered by College (Diploma). I was like, I am pretty good in programming, why not try to code mobile application? I tried, and tried, and tried. Never once I successfully compiled anything.

But after so much struggle, I learnt so much and gain so much of knowledge from online reading and most important, try to do something. I learnt that without making the first move, without making your first step, you will surely fail. Today, I published my first application on google play store. I am so happy about it, will continue this topic some other time. I am sleepy as I never sleep for 2 days working on bug fixes.

Good night.

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