00. Goal, 2022

I never thought i will have such a goal in my entire life, ever. Yea, my next year (2022) goal will be to get fit, lose some weight, get back to where i were 5 years ago.

Not gonna lie, work from home makes we very comfortable and also eat a lot of non healthy foods everyday, also the convenience of ordering foods online. All these combined with little to no exercise add up to my weight gain.

I decided to set a realistic goal, lose 10kg first, at least, in 4 to 5 months. It’s kinda long to lose 10kg, but trust me, it’s not that easy if all you do is keep eating, snacking up to late night and your work is just sit and keep coding.

Started some diet and also light workout twice a day, nothing motivates me more than those people who keep saying “oh, you gained weight”. “Oh, you were fat earlier as well, right?”. Time to get back to where i were years back. This time I’ve straight up set mind, never had such a goal in my life, let’s meet back 4 months later.

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